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Exciting News

So, if you've followed me on FB or Insta you'd know I took down all my books in April. I'm rebranding, recovering (as my graphic artist fled) and doing some much needed edits. I'm also changing the title of To Dance The Hempen Jig. I love that title, and there was a good reason for it back when I released it, but I believe it's hurting sales as it sounds like a How To Book on Irish Dancing, and not a Crime Thriller!

Recently, I've found my new title, and I'm half way through the edits. When those are done I can move forward with a new cover. I'm also writing the 4th Frank Dalton book, which is going to be a bad ass, and set on Long Island.

Stay tuned, tell your friends you know a great author, and tell them you know me too!


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