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To Dance the Hempen Jig

Coast Guard Special Agent Frank Dalton is assigned to investigate the death of a fisherman who drowned in the Gulf of Mexico. It should be a routine case, nothing more than a quick interview and paperwork shuffle, so he's not happy when he's assigned rookie agent Jessica Carter. She has a reputation as a know-it-all, and Frank just doesn't want to deal with the inevitable confrontation.

Frank goes through the motions of the case until the autopsy results come in showing the fisherman didn't drown. What starts as routine will tear through the highest levels of government and Frank and Jessica will have to learn to work together as the victim is only one of many.

As each hour goes by, the killer gets closer to them and the case takes them from Corpus Christi, Texas, to the Caribbean. There's nowhere to hide, and it soon becomes a game of hunter vs hunted.

To Dance The Hempen Jig is a fast paced, action crime thriller, and is the first in the Frank Dalton series.

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